The curiously dry landscape of financial technology is crying out for more enjoyable experiences. Banking needs to become more fun. Discuss.


Are Super Apps The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Our Creative Director, Travis, argues the case for not having a one-stop-shop banking app, and instead creating a clean, central experience which can be augmented at leisure.

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Why should we harness the power of play?

Our Design Director, Fox, discusses gamification in an interview with Creative Review about our new app, Nestlums.

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Do children dream of electric money?

Our Creative Director, Travis, draws from his own experience of parenting to consider why young kids ought to understand what digital money means.

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Why place importance on creativity in an engineering led company?

Our Managing Director, Mark, explains why there is a need for designers to exist alongside engineers in a software company dedicated to breaking the rules in finance.

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“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” – Douglas Adams

At Cauldron, we are constantly striving to set new standards for the consumer experience of banking. This is our furious mission, and we never tire of pursuing it.

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