How can we help normal people, who do not consider themselves rich, to explore the art of investing?

Investing is something of a mystery to a lot of people, and often regarded as an exclusive practice for those who have a lot of spare money. We wondered if we could use our technology to make investing much more accessible, and remove the barriers most people perceive to be stopping them from even trying.

Silo makes it easy to start saving and investing.

Designed to demystify the art of investing and to amplify the beauty of the process, Silo is based on an advanced algorithm which intelligently calculates how much you can afford to tuck away each day.

All day, and all night, Silo’s clever central mechanism keeps working, seeking small amounts of money here and there which it has figured out that you can manage without. But rather than just saving some spare change for you, Silo sets to work by expertly investing this money on your behalf.

The automatic nature of Silo means that anyone using it has to do nothing more than link it to one’s bank account, and let the app work its magic, day by day. The money saved gets invested, and with a little luck, starts to grow into something much bigger over time.

The money being ‘grown’ by the investment engine at the heart of Silo is visualised with a stunning infographic which we affectionately called the ‘vortex’ – each pinpoint of light representing a deposit.

Silo was conceived to help the ‘unlikely investor’ (just as much as the seasoned investor) save and invest without thinking about it.

We often attack problems from a personal point of view, especially if several of us feel the same way about an issue. We all felt we ought to be saving money and making it work harder, so we created Silo for Killik & Co with people like ourselves in mind.

Creating the recipe

Crafting the experience

Marketing the product

Silo was launched by our client Killik & Co in 2018.

We’re on a furious mission to set new standards in the realm of financial technology. To find out more about Silo visit the website.

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