How can we motivate people to reach personal goals, such as saving up for a holiday, without creating a screen-based experience?

Spurred on by the success we had with our digital money box for kids who are too young to own smartphones, we wanted to make a physical object for adults which could help them reach a savings target, or work toward a goal of their choosing.

A connected artefact with a secret power to motivate.

Apps exist for almost everything in life, but we wanted to do something different, and perhaps create a piece of art which could communicate private information in a singular and unexpected way.

Saviour is a quiet, mechanical object which covertly communicates a number or value by rotating as if by magic. What it represents is up to you; it could be the status of your savings account, or it could be the proportion of books you have read from a list you made.

With no screen and no numbers, Saviour is a visual indicator of a secret quantity which only will make sense to one person. You decide its true purpose, what topic it keeps track of, and if your guests perceive your mysterious new purchase as a well crafted designer clock, feel free to let them.

The beauty of the device – beyond its appearance – is that its purpose shall remain a mystery to everyone but you.

Saviour was born from a desire to make a kind of ‘adult money box’ which would inspire people like ourselves to save.

Our original plan was to create ‘the new coin jar’. Something physical and visual which could motivate in the same way that seeing change build up inside a glass bottle used to. Our pursuit of something which would do this job but look beautiful and remain discreet led to an object which could track almost anything.

Finding the right form

Mastering the electronics

Honing the movement

Saviour is a prototype which is ready for mass production.

We’re on a furious mission to set new standards in the realm of financial technology. If you would like to know more about Saviour, or to discuss this topic further, please get in touch.

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