How can we enable people to get what they want from their banks, based on their own tastes and circumstances?

All banks profess to offer products and services which are “tailor-made” to suit the individual, but, in general, most things we encounter as customers are ready-made solutions with a small amount of flexibility. Loans are usually fixed to a particular rate, insurance deals are often quite limiting, and mortgages are probably the least genuinely personalised product of all.

Vault Rare is a way of enabling true individualisation.

People are expecting and demanding increased control when it comes to their banking, so we harnessed the power of our core banking technology, Vault, to create something which would allow thousands of customers to have uniquely configured products.

Unlocking the potential

Allowing fun customisation

Pushing the boat out

Vault Rare was unveiled at The Singapore FinTech Festival in November, 2019.

We’re on a furious mission to set new standards in the realm of financial technology. If you’d like a demonstration of Rare, or would like to discuss using this technology for your bank, please get in touch.

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