Is it worth creating a banking experience which streamlines the basics and allows people to add what they want, when they want it?

People are being bombarded with banking apps offering the world, and many of these money management products purport to do everything you could ever want, under one roof. Is this the right approach, or can we create an alternative, which allows people to explore and discover what features, tools, services – and even games – are right for them personally?

Rama exemplifies what we call New Model Banking.

Inspired by the unencumbered beauty of the core banking platform created by our colleagues at Thought Machine, we dreamt of a super clean banking experience which could be individualised through a central ‘marketplace’ section.

Instead of loading up the app with bags of additional features such as a snazzy trading section, reputable insurance services, and so on, we felt it was prudent to keep these ‘sub-experiences’ separate, and have a growing range of dedicated financial products that could be discovered from within, like Apple Arcade.

Rama glides into our atmosphere, revealing a new way to handle the financial aspects of our daily lives. A central region allows us to discover new worlds of power to help us with our individual money needs and desires – from saving a nest egg to paying a mortgage off quicker.

Rama is designed to give you the freedom to adapt, adjust, explore, and conquer all aspects of your finances – in your own time – as your journey through life unfolds.

Rama is our very own internal banking platform for testing our technology, creativity, and engineering.

We have always had an internal banking experience of some sort, designed initially to demonstrate the power of our core banking software, Vault. Early incarnations of our ‘for testing purposes only’ consumer view of our flagship product had various front end interfaces, but all sought to deliver “the beautiful basics” – and then leap beyond.

Finding our voice

Shaping a brand and UI

Creating in-app badges that reward discovery

Rama is designed for exclusive use by everyone at Thought Machine.

We’re on a furious mission to set new standards in the realm of financial technology. If you’d like a demonstration of Rama, or would like to know more about this approach for your bank, please get in touch.

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