How can we make it easy for almost anyone to save up a sum like £1,000 in a year?

Saving is a pain. Not to mention boring. Most people feel that they ought to be saving money but are simply no good at it, so we racked our brains to find a novel and effortless way to build up a decent sum over time, without relying on just rounding-up transactions.

Nestlings makes it easy and enjoyable to save money.

Nestlings is a game-like app designed to take the anxiety out of having to save money by enabling pretty much anyone to amass a small fortune over time, with hardly any effort.

A great leap forward from the rounder-uppers and automatic savings features we see in digital banking apps, Nestlings provides a standalone, entertaining experience in which a variety of charming little creatures endeavour to squirrel away money for the user, reacting to his or her spending habits in the real world.

The Nestlings are a quirky bunch of enthusiastic misfits, and their specific saving actions are triggered by different events. One Nestling emerges after dark, and tucks away £1 for every transaction detected after 10pm, while another Nestling is discovered only when there is a full moon, when it takes £2 for the steadily growing nest egg.

Nestlings is ‘played’ by deciding which characters to keep on board and let work for you, and by figuring out the best combination based on what you know about yourself.

Nestlings was designed from a gaming perspective to create something which could be as active or as passive as one wishes.

Many of us at Cauldron play video games, or at least enjoy the world of gaming to some degree. We’ve got people who spend every evening playing the latest mobile and console games, and others who can’t stop droning on about the adventure games they wrote in BASIC on their Spectrums as kids.

Crafting the characters

Validating our concept

Building a nest egg

The Nestlings are alive! A fully functioning app is in beta.

We’re on a furious mission to set new standards in the realm of financial technology. To discuss the options for licencing Nestlings, please get in touch.

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