Money Monsters


How can we help young children understand the concept of money in an increasingly cashless society?

Many of us had piggy banks as kids. Physical objects with coins inside. Now that cash is disappearing and people are using cards and phones to pay for things, our children are not making the correlation between coins and notes and purchases. They need to be taught about ‘invisible’ money.

Money Monsters are digital money boxes for children.

Money Monsters are physical devices in various wacky styles which connect securely to a special junior bank account set up for the child owner, controlled by the parent or guardian.

The parent or guardian gives pocket money to the child by making a bank transfer to the special junior account. The Money Monster receives a notification, and reacts by telling the child about the deposit by means of glowing eyes and a fun message on an LCD screen inside its mouth.

Besides communicating the deposits, withdrawals, and balance of the account it is linked to, Money Monsters impart advice, encouragement and wisdom to their small human owners. No two Money Monsters need look alike, either, as each one can be customised with a selection of weird and wonderful accessories.

The Money Monsters have come here (from the distant planet Curan-C) to chew bubblegum and educate our precious young Earthlings. And they’re all out of bubblegum.

An absolute labour of love, Money Monsters came about because we wanted a fun way to teach our own kids about money.

Money Monsters was our first foray into the world of physical objects, industrial design, and toys. We had a strong idea, borne out of parental concern, and after receiving backing from Santander, we made ten deluxe prototypes units which we demonstrated at The London Toy Fair at Olympia in January 2017.

Developing the back story

Looking into the eyes

Constructing the prototype

Money Monsters was bought from Cauldron by Santander in 2017.

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