Cauldron is dedicated to creating magic in the realm of banking. Each one of us, whether based in the studio, or based in a tent on a mountain, seek to bring exciting things to the world of finance.

We didn’t originally set out to conquer the world of finance, but our self initiated quest has grabbed us and won’t let go.

Cauldron is the experimental arm of core banking revolutionaries, Thought Machine, founded in London, in 2014. Housed within Thought Machine from the beginning, we have always sought to create unprecedented banking experiences, usually based on our mothership’s prized software, Vault. From day one, we wanted to make finance more “yum”.

In 2020, we reinvented ourselves as Cauldron.

Bolstering our studio team and creative network with more engineers, we’ve maintained a good ‘alchemy of people’ which works well on account of our respect and desire for one another’s methods and input.

How we’ve grown

Over the years we have progressed from providing high level inspiration, and demonstrating the possibilities of using a platform such as Vault, to producing fully-fledged apps and products which have either been sold to a client and taken to market, or are ready for testing and roll out.

Our studio is a bubbling crucible of fun and games, not to mention a junkyard stuffed with electronics and foam models. We love the smell of marker pens and solder in the morning.

How we work

Some of us are obsessed with fashion, others are mad about games, and pretty much all of us can chat for hours about music, art, and film. What unites us is the urge to make things which are rock solid from a technical point of view, wholesome from a planetary point of view, and spellbinding from an aesthetic or interactive point of view.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C Clarke

At Cauldron, we are constantly striving to set new standards for the consumer experience of banking. This is our furious mission, and we never tire of pursuing it.

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