The Creative Laboratory of Thought Machine
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Constantly mixing art and technology together, we strive to create magic in the realm of banking, and beyond.

Over the last six years, our coven of creative specialists has been experimenting with the possibilities of finance, seeking to set new standards for the consumer experience of banking.

Working with our parent company’s prized core technology, Vault, the designers and engineers at Cauldron have created money-saving games, mortgage-reducing apps, and intelligent physical products – some of which are out in the world, and some of which are in incubation, awaiting the right moment or partner.

Rama: Discover new worlds

A new model banking approach based on personal discovery.

Nestlums: Money training for kids!

A playful app which safely helps children grasp the concept of digital money.

Saviour: Only you will know what it means

A sculptural object for the connected home with a secret power to motivate.

Rare: The shape of loans to come

A fresh approach to banking products which offers true individualisation.

Nestlings: All hail the nest egg

A game-like app which helps people build a nest egg of £1,000 in a year.

Silo: You live, it saves.

An effortless way to start saving and investing with as little as £25.

Money Monsters: See their eyes light up!

A secure digital money box which encourages pre-smartphone age kids to save.

More magic bubbling up

It came from the quarry

A mesmerising method of paying your mortgage off quicker.

It came from the heart

A method of banking for people without bank accounts.

It came from the sea

A contactless payment device made from repurposed plastic.

It came from the dungeon

An adventure game to curtail thy reckless spending in real life.

It came from the portal

A digital runestone to help children track their pocket money.